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Verbal activity involves a massive amount of inferential reconstruction, the results of which are sometimes too nebulous to be paraphrased in propositional, conceptual terms. Language use, both in ordinary conversation and in literary works, generates and conveys 'impressions' of various kinds that cannot be explained in terms of the notion of ‘meaning’, classically construed. This conference aims at exploring these phenomena – the territory beyond meaning, which is pervasive in linguistic (and non-linguistic) interpretation. The conference has a focus on cognitive science and we therefore particularly welcome submissions from scholars in linguistics, pragmatics, philosophy, literary studies, cognitive psychology etc. However, submissions are welcome from researchers working in any relevant field of study.    


The Beyond Meaning conferences seek to gather scholars from various disciplines interested in this broad topic.

The first conference was held in Sept. 2017 at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Find the archive website of the 2017 conference here.

Informations on publications and activities related to the Beyond Meaning conferences will be made available here.

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Elly Ifantidou,
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Louis de Saussure,
University of Neuchâtel

Tim Wharton,
University of Brighton

Beyond Meaning

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